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    du 30-03-2007 au 20-05-2007

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    Group show with : The Chapuisat Brothers, Simon Faithfull, Hoio, Peter Regli, Thu Van Tran


    The starting point for this project is the context of le Crédac itself. The corridors, staircases, recesses, changes in direction and levels form a rather disconcerting labyrinth. These passages lead into rooms of generous proportions but with partially sloping floors whieh also perturb one's physieal sensations. None of these spaees possess a window. One is therefore eut off trom the world. Le Crédac may be perceived like a hollow island.

    But it is situated within an urban fabric that is 50 dense that Hfe outside remains present in one's head even when inside the building. It is around this double notion - isolation and the relationship with elsewhere - that we have asked five artists to put together the Expériences insulaires project. Each of these artists, either in his or her work generally, or with one particular piece of work, provides a remarkable point of view on these notions. The exhibition will be composed mainly of new works. A video programme presented during a special evening event will provide a fresh view of the the me of insularity.

    Jean-Paul Felley & Olivier Kaeser, directors of attitudes

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